On The Road Again

Not much time free due to workload since I last got to take a look at Omnibus 7.3.1, but I have been able to snatch bits of time here and there. I made an earlier blog post praising the ESF deployment files that are supplied with Omnibus 7.3.1 which allow you to get a multi-tiered Omnibus architecture up and running pretty quickly, if you’re familiar with the product. With the Object Servers taken care of, it was time to get the rest of the components installed.

Thanks For The Memories

I’m keen to try out some of the added functionality with regards to the WebGUI and the revised probes for 7.3.1, but being able to kick the tyres properly is all dependent on free time. I wanted to get the WebGUI running first so decided to install it on one of the aggregation object servers (AGG_P), and take it from there. Alongside that, I was also installing TCR 2.1 onto it’s own server which also uses TIP v2.1. I use the same base operating system image of CentOS 5.5 64bit across the board which, although unsupported, has served me well for the likes of TADDM, ITM, TWS etc and having a prebuilt VMware template with the operating system prequisites already installed saves a world of time.

Halfway through the WebGUI 7.3.1 install on AGG_P, the install failed. Hmm. This was a previously blank CentOS 5.5 image that had only Omnibus 7.3.1 installed as netcool:ncoadmin, and WebGUI was being installed as the same user. In the event of a failure, the new installer helpfully zips up all the necessary log files and puts them in a single location, but in my case, this turned out to be 106MB. Of log files! All I had to go on was that the WebGUI install had failed at the ESSServer step. While I had half an eye on this, the TCR install completed ok, and I thought I’d try installing the WebGUI into it’s TIP to see how that went. Unfortunately, that also died at the ESSServer step. After about an hour of trawling through log files and referring to the troubleshooting guide, I was left with the uneasy feeling that some requirements must have changed between WebGUI 7.3.1 and earlier iterations of itself, and Webtop 2.2, which had all worked fine on this exact same CentOS image…. Well, it turns out it was insufficient memory allocated to the image that caused all the trouble. I could be mistaken, but I don’t recall seeing minimum hardware requirements in the documentation, but without 4GB of memory the install would just die at the ESSServer step with nothing immediately obvious as to why. Once that was rectified, it was plain sailing and I’m pleased to say both WebGUI installs worked fine.

Next up, some probe action.