Preparing ITM to Omnibus Event Integration

EIF Probe Swings and Roundabouts Nice to see some steps are being made in making the installation and configuration of components such as probes much more easier. Trying to get something as simple as getting a probe installed and and running could sometimes turn into a 2-hour long swearing session, only for you to spot [...]

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Getting Started With Omnibus 7.3.1

On The Road Again Not much time free due to workload since I last got to take a look at Omnibus 7.3.1, but I have been able to snatch bits of time here and there. I made an earlier blog post praising the ESF deployment files that are supplied with Omnibus 7.3.1 which allow you [...]

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Multi-tiered Omnibus Architecture Deployment

I've done a few Omnibus deployments over the years but have often found the rollout of a multi-tiered environment involved some tedious planning sections to ensure the naming conventions used for the various components were correctly added to the props files of each distributed server. An architecture that can span 6 or more machines needs [...]

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