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Getting Started With Omnibus 7.3.1

On The Road Again Not much time free due to workload since I last got to take a look at Omnibus 7.3.1, but I have been able to snatch bits of time here and there. [...]

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Changing The User An ITM Agent Runs As

There are occasions where you want to run an agent under a particular userid, and not the one that was used to install the product. The ITM agent for MQ, for example, needs to run [...]

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Full Message File Takes Down MDM/DM

If an agent becomes inaccessible from the Master Domain Manager or a Domain Manager, the manager will queue messages in it's pobox directory until connectivity is restored. If an agent is unavailable for a long [...]

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Multi-tiered Omnibus Architecture Deployment

I've done a few Omnibus deployments over the years but have often found the rollout of a multi-tiered environment involved some tedious planning sections to ensure the naming conventions used for the various components were [...]

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